Scars' Script: Dream

Written by: Nahla Mattar

I hear her voice in my dreams (we will hear the audio file: song).
I hear her calming voice I missed all my childhood.
There was a prophecy, and both of us made sure it never came true.

But the prophecy was broken, and the visions were sent to the grave: it was a girl, and she –my Mom—was happy.

It happened! I cut my roots in a flash, and a loud scream was sent into my inner silence.
I transformed into a flying tree: how stupid am I ?!But! But I’m driven and destined to fly!
The roots were cut, transforming into feathers and wings, and the tree is hanging there at the sky of the universe.
Fear that encourages movement

fear that rejects the swamps
fear that rejects the determined and pre-determined
fear that made me scream with life
To feel alive, I need to forget comfort

to feel alive, I need to overcome my death
To feel alive, I need to wake up.
Then I began longing for the sea

then I began longing for the unlimited
Then I began longing for the unknown
then I began longing for LIFE !!!!

التيمة النصية الأساسية للعمل "علامات" باللغة العربية
خوف من البــحر
خوف من الانهائى
خوف من الامحدود
خوف من الامرئى
خوف ملتصق بالحياة

وشوق إلى البحر
وشوق إلى الانهائى
وشوق إلى الامعلوم
وشوق إلى الحياة

Thanks to Christine from the writing center, Arizona State University for all the help and thoughts she shared with me to write this text in a proper English.

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