El-Áin (The Evil Eye): (2005-2006)

The intersection of myth and scientific facts was the inspiration source of this piece. Science revealed lately the sensitivity of life systems and the difficulty to predict their behavior over a long period of time. Furthermore, it informed us with the general discreet shape of that behavior, explaining the nonlinear interaction and sensitivity to surrounding parameters, resulting in special combinations of bifurcations that will end into chaotic moments or in reaching a stability point.
On the other hand, I have been surrounded by the myth of the Eye (envy/ gaudiness). In which, myth is used to intuitively explain any sudden unexpected human mannerism. The result was my impatience with the created illusion of relive which keeps us far from realizing the richness of the human’s personality.
EL-áin is a concise intense piece begins with consecutive moments of bifurcations and chaos. Soon it returns to the stability point, to begin again its cycle indicating the hunting of the Evil Eye.

The bifurcation was evoked musically by the use of contrapuntal lines in clustered harmony within various instrumental colors. The piece is almost a short concerto to the two restless xylophones with the orchestra.
EL-áin was premiered in Cairo in the 6th round of Arab Perspectives Festivals by Cairo Symphony Orchestra, Egypt.

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